Velocity Glow Party

Are YOU ready to stand out? Velocity is launching a brand new spin on our nightclub experience and bringing it across the country — Velocity Glow Party! Our glow parties combine our premium nightclub experience with an added visual element that turns the party into a canvas; blending music and color into an unforgettable work of art. Unlock your individuality with markers, paint, and more, as you and thousands of your peers customize your night! We still bring our Music Video Screens, Live Crowd Cam, Facebook Photo Lounge and state-of-the-art light show. But, if you go to our Glow Party, you’ll get to experience an ELECTRIC night that will keep your city buzzing!




White Tank Tops1. Dress In All White Or Paint Your Shirt

You want to stand out, not get lost in the dark! Get your best all-white outfit together and our UV lights will make you glow. At the very least, be sure to wear a white shirt. You don’t have to wait for Glow Party to start to flaunt your style, either. We encourage you to decorate your clothing with bright markers or paint before you show up. But, it’s important to remember to wear white clothing, so you can have the best possible time at our party.


Highlighter2. Don’t Forget To Bring A Highlighter

When else can you write on your friends? Bring a bright highlighter to encourage others to write on your shirt. The highlighter writing will glow in the dark at our party, allowing you to communicate with friends in a brand new way. Leave awesome messages for your friends and they’ll remember this party forever! If you forget your highlighter – don’t panic – we’ll have some available at our merch booth, too.


Glow Bubbles3. Party Under Thousands Of Glow Bubbles

Dance with your friends under thousands of black light bubbles that will be floating out over the crowd. You won’t go to another party with a unique visual experience like this. We pump special glow in the dark bubbles out all night long! Don’t miss this experience to party under the glowing bubbles at the Velocity Glow Party.


Paint Room4. Experience The UV Paint Room

Our UV Paint Room is designed to cover you in highly fluorescent paint that glows under our lights. We’ll use a special paint sprayer to apply washable paint all over your shirt, then you can add your own creativity in our touch-up area. Turn your outfit into an expression of you and let your style shine! Our paint room is optional, but really fun to do with your friends!


Friends5. Invite Your Friends

The more people that attend the Velocity Glow Party, the more likely you’ll have a great time and meet some new friends. Get the word out that the most electrifying party in the nation is coming to your city! Grab a group of friends, draw some designs on your shirts and let’s pack the next Glow Party in your area. Be sure to check out the events listing to see when we’ll be in your town next!


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